Establish your own identity with your own domain name.

Stralia Web provides fast and efficient domain name registration services.

Registration of your domain name through Stralia Web is for a two year period.

Registering your domain name through Stralia Web can simplify the process of renewal and setup.

Domain Name Pricing (.com and

  1. Domain Name Registration Only (2 Years) = $88
  2. Domain Name Delegation Only = $88
  3. Domain Name Registration (2 Years) and Delegation = $100
  4. Domain Name Renewal (2 Years) = $88

Domain Details

There are generally three servers employed with Domain Names:-

  1. Domain Name Server (DNS)
  2. Domain Email Server
  3. Domain Website (HOSTING) Server

The Domain Name Server (DNS) computer tells the world which computer servers on the internet your “domain website” and your “domain email” can be found. If you have registered your domain name through a third party, you can either continue using the third party’s DNS server or Stralia Web can re-delegate your domain name to use Stralia Web’s own DNS server. The advantage of using Stralia Web’s DNS server is that you get reminded as to when your domain name is due for renewal and therefore avoid the risk of your domain name expiring.

The Domain Email Server is a computer server on the internet which receives emails sent to your domain name. If you have domain email, when you check for new email you will be checking for new messages located on the Domain Email server. When you send email, (unless you are using webmail), you will generally be sending email out through your Internet Service Providers (ISP) server which is totally separate from your domain email server.

The Domain Website Server is a computer server on the internet which contains all the files and images for your website. In other words, this is where your website is physically hosted.

Stralia Web can provide one or all of the above services as required. By using Stralia Web to provide all three services provides your business with one point of call for technical support and a single billing company.